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The Helium aka the People’s Network is built on Open Source technology and governed by an open alliance.

Heliumpay QR Code Cashless Payment

Heliumpay is a pure crypto payment system.

based on the digital currency HNT.

It has never been easier!

We've created a unique way to send and receive money powered by the Helium Blockchain.

Never before have you received money as quickly and securely as on heliumpay.

User Heliumpay because safety and reliability are our top priorities!

Swiss Coding

Swiss Company

Developed in Crypto Valley Switzerland

We Solve Real Payment Problems

What can we offer you?


All transactions are publicly viewable via the helium blockchain.


The money can no longer be canceled or retained. Each transaction is immutable.

Fix commission

As a webshop operator you pay a fixed fee of $0.70 including 1.8% commission. The money will be transferred directly to your Helium account.


All you need to start is a Helium Wallet address and our Heliumpay plugin.

Woocommerce Plugin

We provide you with a ready-to-use helium plugin for your Woocommerce store.

No registration

All you need to provide us with is your wallet ID so that the withdrawals can be made. Your privacy is our top priority.

Immediately integrable into Woocommerce

No registration &Instant payout

Get started now and install your WooCommerce Helium Payment Gateway plugin for free.

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