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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

1-2-3 accept HNT payments

Using our WooCommerce plugin wordpress allows you in 3 easy steps to accept payments from your customer.

Prepare you shop

Install our WooCommerce Heliumpay Gateway Plugin to your website


Install the plugin within the plugin area and activate it.

Then go to the WooCommerce Payment settings to manage the options.


Add your Helium wallet address to receive the payouts. Add your email address to receive email notifications.


Your customer can pay now.

Your clients will see this

Payment process

You will see this

Order detail view

Within the order details, all the transaction related Information is stored. 

Your order will be updated automatically once the payment is received.

You always re-request the webhook call, to update your order – in case the server could not have been reached during the payment processing.